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? Are you a recruiter in Bangladesh feeling frustrated with your hiring process? You’re not alone. According to recent data, recruiters in Bangladesh are facing a number of challenges when it comes to finding the right candidates for their job openings.

? Lack of Skilled Workers: According to a report by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, 70% of employers in the country are struggling to find skilled workers. This shortage is particularly evident in the technology, engineering, and finance industries

? High Competition: With so many job openings available, recruiters are facing intense competition to attract the best candidates. This is especially true for jobs in high-demand fields such as IT, where the demand for qualified candidates is far greater than the supply.

? Inefficient Recruitment Processes: Many recruiters in Bangladesh still rely on traditional recruitment methods, such as print ads and word of mouth. While these methods can be effective, they can also be time-consuming and inefficient, especially when compared to online recruitment platforms.

??‍? Limited Talent Pool: Due to the lack of a centralized job board, recruiters often struggle to reach a large audience with their job postings. This limits their talent pool and makes it more difficult to find the right candidates for their job openings.

? Communication Barriers: In a country where the primary language is Bengali, recruiters may face language barriers when communicating with job candidates who are not fluent in English. This can lead to misunderstandings and make it more difficult to accurately assess a candidate’s qualifications.

? To make matters worse, many job seekers are turning to social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to search for job opportunities. While these platforms can be useful for networking, they often lack the same level of organization and vetting that traditional job sites provide.

Recruiters in Bangladesh are facing significant challenges in finding qualified candidates due to a shortage of skilled workers, high competition, inefficient recruitment processes, a limited talent pool, and communication barriers. Shapla Jobs is a user-friendly recruitment platform that can help recruiters in Bangladesh overcome the challenges of finding qualified candidates. With a large candidate base and advanced algorithms, Shapla Jobs offers efficient and cost-effective solutions to the shortage of skilled workers, high competition, inefficient recruitment processes, limited talent pool, and communication barriers.

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