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The tax filing process in Bangladesh through the NBR system is failing massively as the latest report of the NBR has shown that the NBR has failed to reach its target during the 21-22 FY. The tax file target was not achieved due to a long backlog of the tax filing as many taxpayers were unable to login in time and ended up being late to file their taxes. 

Corporate insiders have disclosed the complex manual process of submitting the papers that goes along with tax filing. Shapla is coming forward to ensure that the tax filing process goes smoothly and hassle-free for the tax filer. Access Shapla tax 

While using the Shapla website, the tax filer can easily calculate their tax amount and with three easy steps can file their tax and collect their acknowledgement slip. The acknowledgement slip will reach the tax file after the overall process of tax filing is done. You can calculate your taxes here for free 

The tax filing process in Shapla starts with a tax filer login using Google. Then the necessary documents are to be provided by the tax filer in the Shapla tax portal and proceed to payment. This will mark an end to the tax filer task. Then the tax filer has to wait for 7 days to receive the acknowledgement slip. In addition to that 7 days, the tax filer can receive their personal income tax certificate from the same tax filer log-in that they had used. Shapla’s tax filer login