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According to the new Income Tax Law 2023, individual taxpayers have a mandatory obligation to tax return submission under the Universal Self Assessment. In this case, the tax filer is required to assess their own tax liability and report their income, deductions and other financial details accurately. This can be hard for individuals who do not have vast knowledge about taxation and income tax certificates. For individuals, this is a burden to track and report all of their documents while filing their taxes.

Shapla Tax can solve the issue as taxpayers can easily calculate their tax amount using the free Shapla Tax Calculator. The tax calculator is easy to use and can overall enhance the knowledge of the tax filer and it is totally free of costs. This can help tax filers know about their expected tax returns. To access the Tax Calculator click here 

When taxpayers Login to the Shapla Tax website using their Google account, they are presented with a dashboard where the tax filer can create a new file for themself. The new tax file that the tax filer creates will be placed for required documents such as NID card, Bank Statement, TIN certificates etc. Then the payment process will end the tax filer’s task. Then the expert team of Shapla will take over. To access the Tax filer dashboard click here

Shapla Tax also has 50+ vetted lawyers who can help with the universal self-assessments and the documentation of the papers. The documents that will be submitted by the tax filers will be assessed by the lawyers at Shapla and within 7 days the tax acknowledgement slip will be provided to the tax filer along with the tax assessment file. The tax filer can also avail their tax certificates if they require by paying some extra amount. To read more about Shapla Tax click here