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In Bangladesh, there are simply 6 types of business registration that are commonly used and operated. The first is sole-proprietorship which is the most common as anyone can start a business by collecting a trade license from their city corporation or pourashava to start their business. The partnership business is the second most popular style of business formation after sole proprietorship. It requires the business to be registered with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies (RJSC) to start its business. 

The third type, a private limited company is also very popular in Bangladesh. In a private limited company, the owner’s liability is limited. The registration of a private limited company also has to be approved by the RJSC registration process. This requires MOA, AOA and form xii from the business registrar to ensure the registration of their limited company. The other forms of business registration are the branch offices of foreign businesses and representative offices for foreign businesses. These are the most commonly formed businesses in Bangladesh. 

Shapla Start is a platform that helps resolve the business registration issue of entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur when he or she is starting their business can find it hard to run from one government office to another to register their businesses through RJSC Dhaka. For sole-proprietorship businesses, Shapla helps make the DSCC trade license and DNCC trade license for the customers completely online where the customer does not have to take any hassle at all. To access Shapla’s services click here

Shapla Start helps with the rigorous paperwork that reduces the focus of the business owners from their business. Shapla has a connection with 50+ vetted lawyers who help with the business registration process to go smoothly. For business registration of partnerships and limited companies, Shapla offers a free consultancy session with a lawyer so that the entrepreneurs can express what they are trying to achieve and Shapla can act according to the entrepreneur’s requirements. To access Shapla’s business registration click here