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In Bangladesh, freelancing is growing in popularity and is opening up new opportunities in fields like e-commerce, outsourcing, and freelancing. The Bangladesh Freelancer Development Society (BFDS) and the ICT division are working together to create a database of regional freelancers as a way to support this. They are providing them with a digital “Free ID” that aids in business and financial transactions.

Over 650,000 professionals will benefit from the government’s “virtual cards” provided to independent contractors. This makes it simple for them to access advanced work facilities and bank loans. To better compete in the global market, the government plans to provide freelancers with a variety of professional development opportunities. The government requires e-TIN certifications for independent contractors as of this year, which is another application of the ID. With a TIN certification, independent contractors can legalize their income and enlist in the government. Even though they won’t have to pay taxes until 2024, freelancers still need to file returns with the income tax division. Visit here to get your e-tin certificate.

Shapla can assist freelancers in filing their taxes by providing services that streamline the procedure and offer knowledgeable advice specific to their needs. Shapla has helped Samir Islam Rony, a well-known YouTuber in Bangladesh, file for his e-Tin and tax return. He was happy to learn that his taxes were exempt under Bangladeshi tax law, but he still had to file a tax return. Samir received assistance from Shapla while completing his tax return.  He could apply in just a few easy clicks. Shapla’s main goal is to make tax filing simple for their customers. Visit here to learn more about the tax filing process.