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Paying taxes is both a civic responsibility and a mandatory contribution that the government imposes. Taxes serve as the main source of revenue that the government utilizes to finance its spending and various development initiatives. In today’s modern world, taxation is also utilized as an economic policy tool. Taxpayers can be categorized as individual taxpayers, business taxpayers, and tax administration. 

Taxes fund the government’s expenses, including salaries and debt. A government needs resources to improve the quality of life for its citizens, making internal funding crucial for a nation’s growth and development. Income level, tax penalty, tax morale, ineffective tax return system, and tax assessment process contribute to individuals’ tax avoidance and evasion. Despite the National Board of Revenue (NBR) making it mandatory this fiscal year, just one-third of the approximately 85 lakh taxpayer identification number (TIN) holders have submitted their tax returns. Visit here to learn more about daily updates on Tax.

In recent times, Shapla, an easy-to-use online platform, has been useful in the navigation of simplified tax filing. Taxpayers will log in to Shapla’s website by visiting Following that, the user will simply upload all of the documents required for their assessment. Finally, the user would complete the payment process, and the file would be ready in 7 working days. Customers are thrilled to get their taxes done with Shapla because of their excellent customer service and free calculator on their website. Shapla’s mission is to make tax preparation easier than ever before. Visit here to file for your taxes effortless with Shapla.