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Tax rebates are sums of money returned or refunded to taxpayers by the government under certain conditions, usually as an incentive or to encourage specific behaviours or investments. In Bangladesh, the following are some common rebates and incentives:

  • Investment Tax Rebates:  The government of Bangladesh offers tax benefits to individuals and businesses who invest in specific sectors or regions, such as economically disadvantaged areas or industries prioritized for development. Visit here to learn more about personal income tax filing
  • Export Tax Rebates: Export-oriented businesses in Bangladesh may be eligible for rebates in taxes in order to promote and support the export industry.
  • Life Insurance: Monthly savings for premium payments are encouraged by life insurance policies. In exchange, the policyholder receives a death benefit payout for their loved ones, a maturity face amount when the policy expires, and other financial support coverage.
  • Agricultural Tax Rebates: Farmers and agricultural businesses may be eligible for tax rebates or exemptions on agricultural income.
  • Bank Fixed Deposit Scheme: Banks allow you to deposit an amount of money for a fixed period of time with a fixed rate of interest. When the term is up, you will receive your initial investment plus compound interest. Because the money cannot be withdrawn before the maturity date, this financial instrument allows investors to save for the long term. 
  • Tax Rebates For Charitable Contributions: Individuals and businesses who make charitable contributions to recognized charitable organizations may be eligible for tax benefits as an incentive for their efforts. 

Remember that tax rebates and incentives may change over time and have specific eligibility requirements and conditions. To understand the latest tax rebate opportunities and how to effectively take advantage of them, individuals and businesses in Bangladesh should consult with tax authorities or tax professionals. Shapla, an online platform for filing taxes, can assist in this regard. Visit here to get done with your tax filing with the maximum amount of rebates in 3 easy steps!