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Automate Recruitment

with AI

Discover our full hiring platform without paying a dime. Recruit candidates, manage applicants, and post jobs all in one place.

Let’s hire your next great candidate. Fast.


Create your free account

All you need is your email address to create an account and start building your job post.


Build your job post

Then just add a title, description and location to your job post, and you’re ready to go.


Post your job

After you post your job, use our Shapla jobs recruiting software to help you find dream talent.

AI-Generated Job Descriptions

Our platform uses advanced AI technology to generate concise and comprehensive job descriptions, ensuring that your job ads effectively communicate the roles and responsibilities of the position. The AI-generated descriptions are easy to read, jargon-free, and tailored to the job market in Bangladesh.

Customizable Career Page

Create careers pages that showcase your brand and jobs to attract new talent and boost applications.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Efficiently manage and track candidate applications, schedule interviews, and communicate with candidates using our robust ATS. Streamline your recruitment process and save valuable time and resources.

The ultimate solution for your recruitment needs

Shapla Jobs